SQL Server v.Next CTP 1.1

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

SQL Server v.Next CTP 1.1

Key SQL Server v.Next on Windows and Linux CTP 1.1 database engine enhancements include
  • Language and performance enhancements to natively compiled T-SQL modules, including support for OPENJSON, FOR JSON, JSON built ins as well as memory-optimized tables support for computed columns.
  • Improved the performance of updates to non-clustered columnstore indexes in the case when the row is in the delta store.
  • Batch mode queries now support “memory grant feedback loops,” which learn from memory used during query execution and adjusts on subsequent query executions; this can allow more queries to run on systems that are otherwise blocking on memory.
New T-SQL language features:
  • Introducing three new string functions: TRIM, CONCAT_WS, and TRANSLATE
  • BULK IMPORT supports CSV format and Azure Blob Storage as file source STRING_AGG supports WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY)s

Key enhancements in SQL Server v.Next on Windows CTP 1.1 for Analysis Services

  • New infrastructure for data connectivity and ingestion into tabular models with support for TOM APIs and TMSL scripting. This infrastructure enables:
    •  Support for additional data sources, such as MySQL. Additional data sources are planned in upcoming CTPs.

    • Data transformation and data mashup capabilities.
  • Support for BI tools such as Microsoft Excel enable drill-down to detailed data from an aggregated report. For example, when end-users view total sales for a region and month, they can view the associated order details.
  • Support for ragged hierarchies in reports, such as organizational and account charts.
  • Enhanced security for tabular models, including the ability to set permissions to help secure individual tables.

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