Code Review Checklist

Monday, 10 May 2021

Code Review Checklist

Hello  everyone i tried to compile some check list for the basic of the code review.

Below are some parameter for code review

1) Code formatting

a.     Use alignments

b.     proper naming conventions

       2) Architecture

a.     Separation of Concerns

b.     Design patterns

       3) Coding best practices

a.     No hard coding

b.     comments on why you are doing

c.     Avoid multiple if/else blocks

d.     Use framework features, wherever possible instead of writing custom code

        4) Non Functional requirements

a.     Maintainability-Configurability,logging

b.     Reusability-generic functions,services,components and classes,DRY

c.     Reliability-Exception handling

d.     Extensibility-

e.     Security-Authentication,authorization,SQL injections and Cross Site Scripting,encrypting the sensitive data.

f.      Performance-Caching,Lazy loading,asynchronous

g.     Scalability

        5)  Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) Principles

a.     Solid Principle and other principles


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